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2022 Bob Brown Award

Starting this season, the NDFOA is recognizing an individual for his/her service to the organization in the memory of our friend, Bob Brown. Bob served a number of roles within the NDFOA including President, Varsity Assignor, and Youth Assignor. The inaugural presentation of this award was at the All-Day Clinic on August 6.

The recipient of the first inaugural Bob Brown Service Award was Jim Smith.

Jim served as President of NDFOA for four years in the mid-1990s . Jim has been active on the Board of Directors for 32 years, mostly as a 3-year Director and the last two years as Vice President. He has served on the board in some capacity for all but 2 years since he’s been a member of the NDFOA. For the past 11 years, he has taken responsibility for organizing and leading a team to plan NDFOA’s Annual Rules/Mechanics Clinic held in August prior to each football season. Jim has trained new ECOs (on-the-job) in addition to developing and leading a training program for ECOs. Jim has worked tirelessly setting up the new Sunshine Committee Rules and is currently leading the group working on Updating the Constitution and By Laws.

Congrats Jim on your award and thank you for your continued service to NDFOA.

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