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Battlefields to Ballfields

Battlefields to Ballfields provides veterans an opportunity to integrate back into their communities through sports officiating.

Many veterans face an uphill battle when they return as they figure out how they will integrate back into society. B2B provides scholarships to veterans who return from defending our country with an opportunity to get integrated back into their community through officiating. Those who have been involved in officiating already have felt the joy of stepping out onto the field or a court. With it, comes a great sense of value that leaves one with a feeling of accomplishment.


In serving in the military, and in officiating, there’s the common bond of being a member of a team and creating order out of chaos. Battlefields to Ballfields is providing veterans with an opportunity to hone their newfound officiating skills and participate in something that will give them a new sense of self-worth along with the ability to make some extra income. While the ultimate goal will be to get some of our returning veterans into the upper levels of officiating, including the professional ranks, they will start out at the local level working high school and youth level games. Local associations are actively recruiting because there aren’t enough officials signing up.

Check out to apply or for more information.

B2B brochure 2023
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