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That's a Wrap for 2022!

The 2022 season has officially ended with the DIAA Championship games this weekend at the University of Delaware. Congratulations to all on a great season and we look forward to growing on our successes in 2023! Check out crew pictures below from the 3 championship games that the NDFOA worked in 2022.

DIAA 3A Championship Game - Dover vs Smyrna: LJ Don Benn, BJ Tony Thornton, SJ Adam Barbas, U Bryan Berkley, FJ Bill Nichols, R Andy Bero, L Da'Rius Lemon, Chains Dave Swift

DIAA 1A Championship Game - St. Elizabeth's vs Laurel: FJ Dave Swift, LJ Greg Fullhart, U Kirk Kinslow, R John Patterson, BJ Mitch Ruoff, L Derrell Montgomery, SJ Andrew Holtz

MPSSAA 2A Championship Game - Kent Island vs Milford Mill: Chains Elmore Smith, Chains Jim Kirkpatrick, ECO Jim Smith, Chains Adam Barbas, FJ Tony Thornton, L Da'Rius Lemon, LJ Fran Berster, R Rodney Smith, SJ Davis Smith, U Antonio Thompson, Chains Andy Bero

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