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NDFOA Apparel Store

As mentioned at the All Day Clinic, we have set up an online option for all NDFOA members to buy some apparel Here is the link for the store.

The store is active now and will run until August 15 at 11:59 pm.

Using the link, log on to the store and choose the items you would like to purchase. Many of the items have different color options. At the end, you will enter your shipping information as well as credit card payment info. All items will ship directly to you. We expect the items to ship the week of 9/12.

A few notes from the vendor to keep in mind while shopping:

1 - The store closing date is a hard date and NO LATE ORDERS can be accepted. Our online sales platform doesn’t allow us to make any additions after a store has closed. All items need to be ordered in bulk from our vendors. It is cost prohibitive to order only one or two items at a time.

2 - Choose your items carefully. ALL DECORATED MERCHANDISE IS NON RETURNABLE unless defective or an error was made by Kampus Klothes

3 - Covid19 has caused significant supply-chain disruption that directly impacts our ability to acquire the products needed to fill orders. If an item offered on your store becomes unavailable, you will be refunded or a comparable substitute will be used.

Let me know if you have any questions – thanks!

NDFOA Store Flyer
Download PDF • 182KB

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