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2023 Bob Brown and Service Awards

At our annual All-Day Clinic, the NDFOA presented awards to several members of the organization.

The Bob Brown Award is the recognition of an individual for his/her service to the organization in the memory of our friend, Bob Brown. Bob served a number of roles within the NDFOA including President, Varsity Assignor, and Youth Assignor. The recipient of the 2nd annual Bob Brown Award is Bob Collins. Bob has served on the board of the NDFOA for many years including multiple stints as president. Bob has worked tirelessly over the years to improve the NDFOA.

The NDFOA also presented service awards to deserving members during the clinic. The following members were recognized:

Larry Wright - 55 years

Greg Fullhart - 50 years

Steve Tolliver - 45 years

Matt Kelly - 30 years

Pete Clark - 25 years

Mitch Ruoff - 20 years

David Miles - 20 years

Tom Kaczmarczyk - 15 years

Antonio Thompson - 10 years

Jim Kirkpatrick - 10 years

Congrats to all on your achievements!

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